Micro Macramé

For centuries we humans have tied-the-knots. Babylonian artworks depict this ancient craft featured in the costumes of their carved stone statues.

The Victorian era embraced this technique to create lace like trimmings on clothing worn at garden parties, seaside ramblings and fashionable balls.

From hanging pot gardens to elaborate wall hangings Macramé has never really gone out of style.

With such a stunning array of silk, cotton, synthetic threads, not to forget pure silver wire, micro macramé offers the artisan craft person a plethora of opportunities - one, I simply could not resist.

Copper Isis

Tree Orchid

There is no limit to where micro Macramé will show up, especially in my work. After hand carving a piece of Alabaster I had laying around I found myself adding a touch of copper and silver wire macramé to the final piece. Previously I'd selected ceramic chips as a trail however discovered they were way too harsh for this semi translucent Alabaster. The threads were much more compatible. Yes it's still a work in progress but hopefully it inspires you to explore Macramé in your work?

Moonlight mist Silver and Copper micro Macramé Sterling Silver Earrings.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

– Coco Chanel