Over a number of years many artisans, well this one did, wander off the hard-earned traditional path and venture into a variety of different adornment directions. I admit my explorative nature has visited many ways to tell a story ... precious metals, of course precious and semi precious stones then onto glass bead making, exploring felt, even drawing and playing with 'shrinky-dink' (love it). Then there's polymer clay, now of course approved as collectible adornment by the elite galleries and collectors of New York to London, Paris to Melbourne. Micro Macrame had me firmly it's it's grip until my eyes could no longer cope with the strain. Embroidery too had a short run, yet unfinished.

Creativity has no limits, no barriers to entry, no rules if you like, it's always an adventure, a gift (or curse) from the gods to drive you mad while keeping you sane.

Enjoy the inspiration on this website to stimulate your lust for a love-affair to remember.

Bespoke engagement and wedding rings. White gold, rhodium plated, high quality One carat Diamond valued at $12,000 This set was inspired by a vintage ring I had worn for a number of years. A client saw it and would accept nothing less than a slightly modified version.

For those who live close to the sea, nothing we ever do drifts too far from it's inspiration.

Take a walk off the beaten track ... into the rain forest, stand a while on top of a mountain and take in the blue horizon, camp by a fire and be mesmerized by the flames. And when you come home create something that reminds you what's important and what is not!

I "felt" it .... Materials:- home dyed wools, silken Macrame threads, lamp-worked Italian glass beads.

Glass starts with a grain of sand .... mixed with all the colours one can conjure, to become whatever we imagine.