Lreign - artisan jewellery and object desing is the evolution of the established designer Lorraine Cook. After 25 years as a Creative Director in Advertising, beginning her career with a formal education in Graphic Design and Visual Communications Lorraine rediscovered her passion for art-for-art-sake when she undertook a further two years full time studies at the Sydney Institute of Design, Australia to obtain her Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design.Lorraine is a skilled designer who studied under tutors such as Robin Blau, Ragnar Hansen, Ernst Pfenninger, Cinnamon Lee, Merilyn Bailey and several other renowned metal smiths and artists.

Moving from Sydney to the hinterland behind Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia Lorraine is possibly busier than ever indulging her passion for what she terms "creative adventures".

"Some call me a consummate artist. Free-form has particular appeal to me. Like a paintbrush, a charcoal, a crayon, a pen, I use line only to keep the eye moving around my work, no beginning, no end, a journey, a poem, sometimes dramatic, often humorous each piece tells a story - about me, about you.

I favour no particular materials for the creation of my work. The use of precious metals and stones all too often over-shadows the intrinsic value of signature design and creativity.

To work exclusively with expensive materials would force a majority of superbly talented jewellery and object designers to a grinding halt depriving patrons, buyers, collectors, other artists, galleries and clients of so many unique treasures."

Bush Studio overlooking the vegie garden on 3 acres in the Queensland hinterland 10 minutes from Burleigh Beach.

Interior of studio the first week I moved in. Ten years on it now overflows with 'stuff', gear, tools etc.

Home amongst the gum trees, minutes from the inspirational Bureligh Heads "there are spirits there my friends!"