Copper and Brass Cuff Bracelet

Handmade is the manifestation of a love-affair. Often you meet your idea in the most unexpected moment, place or time. Sometimes you can't wait to begin the affair, it's intoxicating, so exciting. Sometimes you need time and space to let it grow? One thing is certain during the time spent together the challenges, the joy, the pleasure is exquisite.

Artisans and makers infuse love and energy into every piece of work they set their minds and hearts to. Handmade jewelry takes time to craft, of course you pay for that, but it's a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, like you!

Objet d'art

The Grand Piano Ring

Cracked 925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver/copper rivets Men's bracelet

Laptop ring

Box, hollow, Sterling Silver

Blue enameled pods, sterling silver pendant.

Polymer and copper pendant.

Bark painted with Polymer and copper feature pieces.

Pendant - sea find.

Sterling Silver and 22ct gold plateing

Hand forged Sterling Silver bracelet.

The Cross - inspired for friends lost in the Bali bombings 2002

Solid Sterling Silver on Ash wood.