One-of-a-kind, and limited editions,

designed and crafted for collectors

who appreciate "an artists point of view"

Your unique style,

is the inspiration

behind every piece we create

For those who appreciate something a little different...

especially hand-made, unique one-off creations,

Lreign creates an ever changing collection of jewellery and wearable art.

A rare and beautiful technique explored by L'reign. The Grand Piano ring uses a seldom explored technique where the metal is heated to glowing red, near melting point then hit with force (while still glowing hot) that fractures the metal as seen in these photos.

The seam, visible here, is the natural fracture. This is truly a one off treasure because it is impossible to duplicate.

Precious metals are mined from the earth where they have often slept undisturbed for untold time. Nuggets, or veins, they are rough, organic, lacking in luster, subtle in colour.

As a jewellery maker I have been seduced by the dexterity of their molecular flexibility. It was never my intent to learn the art of carving to cast but once experienced I became addicted. My first piece was the Zebra Ring shown here. Lost in a Sydney taxi it took almost 2 years to find it's way back to me and now inseparable.

Sea Spray Sterling silver pendant. An original L'reign technique using soft melt jewellers wax to construct the sculpture, then cast in 925 Sterling Silver.