Accent Gold for Silver

(known as AGS) applied to Sterling Silver and the results are stunning.

This pure, rich, deep, lustrous gold is applied by literally painting it onto the surface of your design wherever you want it. What comes first requires professional skills. You will have to fully understand the depletion gilding process that is employed to bring fine silver to the sterling silver surface.

Once this is achieved you apply AGS with a fine, quality paint brush, dry thoroughly, apply additional coats (2 to 3), dry again then with a careful application of heat from a jewelers torch, or a kiln, the 24kt pure gold is fused to the sterling silver. It is much thicker than electroplating and is there for good. It's a non toxic process, and no gold is wasted. Once the firing is complete you can hand or tumble burnish to a high luster or for a more contemporary style treat it to achieve a satin to matte surface.

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(known as AGS)
Pure 24kt gold AGS has been applied
to cast sterling silver, as shown below,
fired and fused to produce the results
you see here to the right. Please click on image for closer scrutiny.